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At Harbour Family Governance, we regularly publish articles on the many nuances of family governance. Read more on this page or sign up to our newsletter. Do not hesitate to let us know, if you have ideas for subjects, which we should write about.

In 2023, Anne-Sofie van den Born Rehfeld and Søren Brandi, managing director and chairman of the board of Harbour, published the book Ownership through Generations – Family, Fortune & Family Office. The book provides insights and specific advice to families, family offices and advisors interested in family ownership and development of family offices. Ownership through Generations can be found here. Please note that the English version will be published in early 2024.

Next Generation

Preparing the Next Generation of the Family Business

Preparing the next generation to take over the family business can be a complex issue for both the family and the family office: When does it start? Should it be done individually or jointly? What needs to be clarified before the next generation gets involved?
Family GovernanceNext Generation

Have You Talked to Your Child (About the Wealth) Today?

One of the educational slogans of the 1980s was: Have you talked to your child today? As a parent of one or more children who will become wealthy, there are several conversations to be had. It can be difficult to decide when and how best to start preparing the next generation for the obligations and privileges ahead. That's why this article looks at how to talk to your child about their wealth – today and every day.