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Motivating development of future owners

It’s not always easy to be next generation in a business family: They can feel burdened by the weight of expectations from the legends of the family, they need to manage and protect a well-known family name, they need to find meaning in their lives as heirs, they need to navigate financial differences between their friends and partners and themselves, and they need to be aware of their own and their family’s potential safety issues.

By means of structured and customised development programmes, we develop next generation to become responsible owners. With a focus on education, unity, and motivation we build bridges between siblings, cousins and parents, who will need to collaborate on the boards, committees and departments of the family’s companies and foundations. We enable them to handle challenges, set goals, advise on education opportunities, and facilitate the difficult conversations within the family.

Successful successions

Not only the next generation of heirs benefit from a customised programme. We also advise the current generation in charge on strategic choices in a succession plan or a will as well as on the planning of transfer of means or shares. Furthermore, we create legacy projects to document the origin story of the family company or family wealth. By means of articles, books, or filmed interviews, we ensure that the family history is preserved for generations to come. All this to ensure that the current generation pass over the baton in a stable, constructive, and loving manner.

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