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Invest in family ownership and create value for generations

Are you considering how to develop next generation and handle your succession plans? Is it difficult to define and agree on the overall purpose of your ownership? Would you prefer a more structured way of handling your roles as colleagues as well as family members? Family ownership presents the most extraordinary opportunities for living a life of meaning, where you live up to your full potential. At the same time, family ownership can, potentially, be experienced as a complex minefield of unclear communication with a sprinkle of unadjusted expectations.

By means of customised programmes, we steer the family through the most important conversations and facilitate long-term considerations regarding ownership strategy, development of next generation, investment planning, governance models, family constitutions, clarification of the individual’s role, meaningfulness, philanthropic ambitions and many more unique challenges to the family ownership, unity, and growth of the company.

We also advise on purpose, strategy, launch, optimisation and evaluation of family offices, recruit advisors, and provide you with objective recommendations from our network.

We contribute with concrete, long-term solutions to abstract challenges and often remain on the family’s team of advisors after our initial programme has ended.

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